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     About Me

Qualifications and Credentials

Foundations in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

Professional Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (PGDip)

Natural and Human Environments BA (Hons) 

Landscape Archaeology MA

Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)

Accredited Registrant of the National Counselling Society (MNCS Accred) 


    My Motivation

Whilst in my early forties I was a support worker with women living chaotic lifestyles. During this time I realised I was being stalked myself and this turned into harassment. As a result I had to sell my home and move house. The harassment took place over several years previously, some of which I had been unaware of at the time. It was a chilling experience and made me realise just how vulnerable any woman can be if a man decides to target her and in some ways still reflects the position of women in society today. I sought long-term counselling to support me through this situation and beyond. Throughout this process I also worked on some other issues that were part of my earlier life. A friend who is now my husband was also extremely supportive. This helped to balance out my distorted view of men as a result of my job and my own experiences. It was ironic being in a support role to others whilst being in need of help myself. The effectiveness of the therapy encouraged me to pursue counselling and psychotherapy as part of my career and reignited an interest I had in this area as a teenager. I did the foundation certificate followed by the post-graduate professional diploma in counselling and psychotherapy at the Academy SPACE in Sheffield.

Out of this has emerged this practice: Sheffield Woman to Woman Counselling and Psychotherapy which also incorporates counselling in the countryside and Landscape Therapy. I would like to pass on some of the help I have received in my own life.

   Counselling in the Countryside and Landscape Therapy 

Throughout my thirties I studied part-time as I had left school prematurely before completing my A levels. This included a Mature Access Program, a BSc and an MA at the University of Sheffield. The latter were in landscape studies. When I began the first landscape course I felt that it would benefit me emotionally as well as mentally. Because of this I also had the idea I would like to practice some kind of Landscape Therapy for others in the future. At the time I didn’t know how this would come about; neither did I realise just how much the experience of studying the earth and our relationship with it over time, would help me psychologically. There is no doubt that there are general cognitive benefits from studying as an adult anyway, however the combination of doing this alongside interacting with the landscape, I would say, increased those benefits significantly.

For some people, having their Counselling in the Countryside or participating in Landscape Therapy Retreat Days I believe will be extremely effective.