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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

At Woman to Woman it is understood that counselling is the vehicle by which psychotherapy takes place. In other words, the outcome of the counselling process is to achieve psychotherapy or ‘mind healing’. There is a more detailed explanation of this understanding in the blog dated 8th May 2019 here:

 A major part of therapy is to increase in self-awareness. This may include working with issues in your past, your present or your subconscious. In turn, this frees you up to be the person you want to be and enables you to make choices in your life in the present. These are sometimes inward choices,  and at others, very practical ones with life-changing outcomes.

All of this exploring and process is held with great care and sensitivity in your sessions at Woman to Woman. You are supported through what can be experienced as very challenging, whilst at the same time acknowledging that it can also be incredibly rewarding.

 Your autonomy is of the utmost importance as you set the pace and determine the number of sessions – short or long term. You can decide this at the beginning or as you proceed.

 Counselling and psychotherapy need to be undertaken with thought and consideration on the part of the client. A level of commitment is required to enable regular attendance so the process can be as effective as possible.

 My passion is to prize and value the person you are whilst walking with you towards the person you want to be.

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