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"... going out I found was really going in." John Muir 

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  Woman to Woman offers Walk Talk therapy from April - Sept. The locations are Bolsterstone, Whitwell Moor and Bradfield Dale near Sheffield.  

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Experience and research indicates that nature has a therapeutic impact on those that engage with it. This is the case whether interaction is passive or active. Using the countryside as the setting for therapy gives the client opportunities to relate either directly or indirectly with the landscape. For some, just being in The Great Outdoors as a back drop to the therapeutic process may be enough. Others may want to focus more intentionally on the environment around them using their senses and becoming aware of their inner and outer responses. This may then provide a tool to explore their emotional and psychological circumstances. Whichever is chosen - and it may be a mixture of the two - the experience of being in a more natural landscape is an enriching and healing one. 

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The area we will be located has been risk assessed to ensure your safety as far as possible. You will need to wear walking boots and suitable clothing taking the weather conditions into account.

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