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Why Are You a Counsellor?

When I started my post graduate training to be a counsellor and psychotherapist I spent the whole course wondering when we were going to look at our motivation for wanting to take on this role. The core of the training was the Person Centred Approach which is very much concerned with self awareness and congruence. I had therefore assumed that this very fundamental question would have been explored in depth on the course. I had even wondered if we would address it and then revisit the question along the way to see if our motivation was shifting at all or even if we were changing our minds.

You can imagine that, when we were on the last lap and there had still been no mention of this topic, how utterly confused I was. It had felt to me as if this was a very important question and one I had wanted to dig deep into. Not only that, I wanted to explore how my previous life experience could contribute to what I had to offer to this vocation. Surprisingly this hadn't been mentioned either.

I still feel strongly that this is an important question for counsellors and psychotherapists. I have since thought and written about it quite extensively in my own journaling. Perhaps that was what was expected of us as trainees, but it was never stated.

I wonder if any of this resonates with you? I suspect if your training was purely Person Centred that you would have looked at this question in quite some detail. However, if your training was Integrative, or perhaps another specific modality, you may not have explored this on your course at all either, or perhaps only briefly in passing.

If this is the case and you would like to spend some more time reflecting on your reasons for becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist and how your life experience impacts what you have to offer, then please get in touch. I have put together a Reflective Practice Retreat Day specifically focusing on these aspects of your journey. This can be conducted either as an individual or group retreat day.


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